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The Vaccines' "Post Break-Up Sex" video

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thenewno2 feat. RZA

—Mr. President

Mr. President" thenewno2 feat. RZA

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Love Song" Hollywood Nobody at Baybeats Chillout Stage, 20 Aug 2011.

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Bon Iver's new video Holocene

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Listen to Foreword by Conveyor

Conveyor are a former keyboard-duo turned four-piece, founded in Gainsville Florida but now working in Brooklyn. Their debut EP, called Sun Ray, brings a brand of synth-meets-guitar indie-pop that’s hardly unfamiliar, but is delivered with a calm maturity that’s worth checking out.

Epic video from MBDC for #17an Indonesia.

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Raksasa Project



Listen to Raksasa Project’s new single Insomnia.

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